Areas of Interest

Adult, Game-based, and mobile Learning

As an instructor, Ooley has an interest in the learning process, especially in adults. Her continuous exploration in adult learning theory and methodologies has led to the development of her robust courses. Game-based learning, AR, and mLearning are focuses of her Masters’ in Education research.

Non-Profit Development

Ooley is the founder and director of the non-profit, Thoughtful Hands. The organization's mission is to promote artists that work with sustainable materials and design methods. Community outreach to educate the public on earth-friendly art practices is also a goal for the organization. She considers the development of the mobile eco gallery as one of the cornerstones of her research.

Sustainable Materials and Technology

Ooley has been researching and experimenting with sustainable materials in conjunction with rapid prototyping machines. She has experimented with a variety of different natural and renewable resource materials such as hemp, linen, cotton, and bamboo, with special focus on laser cutting. 

Color Theory and Color Perception

Color Harmonies, pleasing palettes, how we think about color- these are interests that are filtering into Ooley's work.