Airstream Purchase

I have finally located a vintage airstream to be used by Thoughtful Hands, the non-profit I founded this year. Although it needs some TLC, once renovated, it will make an outstanding mobile gallery. Deadline is set for early April... just in time for DFW's Earth Day festivities!


Rose Petal Beads

Although the recipe was known before the 1800's, rose petal beads became popular during the Victorian's memento mori phase. Made from flower petals that have been repeatedly cooked down and blended, the paste is then rolled into beads to dry. It is a labor-intensive process that produces little output for the amount of plant material required. However, this semester, I had an assistant to help. The resulting beads will be used as components in a jewelry line available spring 2017.

6.2015 Research in Grasse, France

I will be leading a study abroad course on color theory to London and Paris this summer. I have scheduled a "Research Week" during the program to allow students to travel to the country and cities of their choosing. I will be conducting my own research during that time in southern France.

Grasse is no longer the leading producer of as many perfume ingredients (jasmine and rose are still in production). However, they are still the center of perfume due to their educational programs and hosting offices of many of the world's leading scent companies.