Demo Videos and Storyboarding

More Samples Provided Upon Request

In addition to teaching story-boarding in my university design classes, I have also written, created props, given voiceovers, and acted in demonstration videos. Below are a few examples. More samples available upon request. 

Demo Video

Here is a demo video I  wrote, narrated, and performed about making them. I also created all the samples.  This tips tutorial has over 500K views and is the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign's most viewed video at the University of North Texas. As a bonus, it features my favorite pencil whose ears lift every time the lead is advanced.

The boss said he wanted it "goofy" and I delivered! This demo is about the properties of aluminum wire and how to use it. I wrote, acted, and created the props for this short film.


Screen capture Tutorials

This is a demo tutorial of a helpful, online color tool. It was created using Adobe Audition and Camtasia. I don’t care much for “ground zero” cursers, so zooms were used for emphasis and to direct the learner’s attention.

Blue StoryboardWEb.jpg


Storyboarding videos helps streamline the filming process by providing a guide to shots, scenes, images, and graphics needed. It also cuts down on editing time and overall costs. This example is for a current project- a short course on the color blue to be created in Adobe Captivate 2019. 

Mudcube Part II Demo